LDC Funeral Services Ltd

Offering sensitive advice to the bereaved - Cremations in London

LDC Funeral Services work in association with London Direct Cremations. We are an independent, Funeral Director in London.

We specialise in eco friendly cremations in London helping you achieve a sensitive, yet affordable funeral.

London Funeral Director - LDC Funeral Directors

LDC Funeral Directors London are on a mission to reduce the damage on the worlds natural resources by offering eco-friendly funerals in London.

We have high quality bamboo, cardboard and wicker coffins available to ensure sustainable cremations can be achieved.

Direct Cremations in London - Prices Starting from £900

Testimonials - Cremations in London

"Very professional and understanding, thank you"

Richard & Vanessa

"Dad would have been impressed, thanks a million"

Dennis H

"Thank you for the amazing work and the beautiful flowers"


"You guys were terrific on the day, thank you"

Clark Brothers

We offer cremations in London at Islington Crematorium (N2 9AG) however we can use your preferred London Crematorium - Just ask.

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